Kerry McCaffrey

Have been going to USMMA Yoga for many years. The atmosphere is welcoming, casual and friendly. The facilities are always clean. The schedule offers something for everyone. I have my favorites for sure, but all of the teachers are experienced and skilled in what they do. Going to class is like exercising, getting a massage, AND having a meditative therapy session all at once. I love everything about USMMA and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!

Joe Crowley

I’m an older guy that has been going here for over ten years. Members range from young kids to over 70 (go Norm!!!). We are family first, trust me, you will agree after your first class! So many different classes, not to mention the Yoga side of the gym! The yoga instructors are just amazing! It’s all about going at your pace. Just give it one class of your choice and you will agree.

Lydie Dickinson

There is a “hidden jewel” teaching at USMMA. Her name is Donna Godino. Her classes are like listening to a beautiful piece of music. The smile in her voice and her flow are truly a gift.

Thank you to USMMA for offering us this treat, among so many others. My entire family always come home from our time spent at USMMA, distressed, refresh and smiling.

Andrew Holmes

Great people! Great place! I have been coming to USMMA for about a year now and have enjoyed every class I have taken. The instructors are very knowledgeable and they work hard to ensure the classes are about teaching everyone a skill. The people at USMMA are amazing. Instructors ensure that everyone works at the lesser skilled persons pace, which creates an environment for the lesser skilled to learn more and the more skilled to work on technique. I have a monthly membership at USMMA and will continue to support USMMA for the foreseeable future.

Ruben Guadalupe

I’ve been going to USMMA for over 10 years and I have loved every minute of every class. I have learned Yoga, Jiujitsu, and Muay Thai; and the benefits both mentally and physically are amazing. Coach Tom and his whole staff are very skilled and attentive and I can’t say enough about how much I’ve learned in my time here. I’ve also found great friends and training partners in the process. I would highly recommend USMMA to anyone looking for a quality martial arts and yoga experience.

Joseph Townsend

This place is perfect if you’re new or experienced. The vibe here is very laid back and welcoming. I wanted to do jiu jitsu but was hesitant about dealing with the whole belt ranking system common at many gyms, as I’ve always disliked that idea. The experience here couldn’t be any better in my opinion. Tom is an awesome coach and promotes a very friendly environment. Everyone teaches and helps each other and I’ve had nothing but great experiences since I’ve been coming here (about a year and a half). You can pay on a per class basis which is awesome and the classes are very affordable (like $18 for a jiu jitsu class). I frequently stay a while after the class finishes and train some more and I’ve never been charged for technically attending the free open mat which is right after the class. If you’re looking for a place to train, new or experienced, I’d look no further. I couldn’t imagine a better gym to go to.

Chris Sault

Very attentive and professional Yoga instructors. Jennifer, Danielle and Courtney are rockstars and they were extremely patient with my beginners status last August (I feel like I've progressed alot because of their differing yet equally good styles).I need to try the MMA soon too!

Thomas Travers

The facility is immaculate. The coaches keep the workouts challenging and fun. I'm learning new techniques every class and slowly building my skill sets. It is addictive . You are never too old to learn new skills.

Tayloe Kelly

Tom and Danielle run an amazing and very welcoming gym. The yoga is terrific. Lots of variety: great classes for beginners and those looking to deepen their practice. The jiu jitsu is top notch. Great instruction, lots of fun, and really nice people to train with. A fantastic place all around.

Cheryl Laprade

Classes at USMMA are packed with proper technique, drills and motivation! It's so convenient to shift gears, and take a walk to the other side for some challenging, yet relaxing, hot yoga! Always a welcoming community in this one-stop for the best in MMA & yoga!

Ciara Maguire

I've been training at USMMA for about 7 months now and I can sincerely say that Martial Arts and Jiu Jitsu are the most fun yet challenging workouts. I have definitely lost weight since attending USMMA; I am in better shape than ever! ALL the instructors are extremely patient and do not mind taking the time to teach me the proper way to do all the exercises. Beyond any doubt the instructors and other members are people that make working out enjoyable.

JR Wells Sampson

I’ve been to many combat sports gyms and USMMA is top notch. Tom and his senior students are great instructors, the energy is positive and fun, and the yoga classes are great too!

Lindsay Drumm

USMMA is great for so many reasons. It’s truly the best workout you’ll find while having fun doing it! As a woman who knew no martial arts at all, the coaches are super friendly, helpful and never make me feel uncomfortable while learning techniques. I originally came to learn some self defense through jui jitsu, which I most certainly have but I have grown to love the cardio Thai boxing classes as well. Try it’ll be glad you did :-)

Stephen Poirier

As a lifelong athlete stepping into the MMA world was scary. I made the jump and couldn’t be happier. Not only have I achieved a new level of physical fitness but mental toughness, and a better overall awareness in everything i do. Yoga has helped me with balance and breathing, JiuJitsu with problem solving under pressure, and the Muay Thai has helped me be fearless in any encounter I face day to day. The owners Tom and Danielle are amazing genuine people. I can’t say how much I love USMMA. Try it for yourself!

Brian Feeley

My wife introduced me ( I had no interest) to USMMA hot yoga roughly 6 years ago, I was feeling the limitations of my age ( 50 at that time) and the limitations of my existing mind set which was this is the way it is deal w/ it. Six years in I can not say enough good things about what these instructors and this journey have done for my mind and body and soul.

I have much more flexibility , my core is strong and I am learning a calmness I never knew before. This practice is in my humble opinion a massage for my body, mind and soul from the inside out.

Love you guys and thanks!
The inner light in me honors the inner light in all things. Namaste!

Katelyn Christopher

I love this place - it's really given me much more than just a simple workout. The teachers are warm and inviting, and each are so knowledgeable in their disciplines, be it power yoga, gentle yoga, Muay Thai, jiu jitsu - whatever's being taught is done so with clarity and precision. The atmosphere is never intimidating, which you might expect at an MMA studio. All levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced, and everyone there just wants to learn, do their best, and have a good time!