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  • Muy Thai: Comfortable workout clothing
  • Jiu Jitsu: Comfortable workout clothing. Please no tank tops. Fitted shirts are recommended as you may get a bit upside-down.
  • Yoga: Comfortable workout clothing. Fitted tops are recommended as you may find yourself upside-down. Moisture absorbing clothes and longer pants are encourages since you WILL sweat! You don’t want to slip in Tree Pose.
  • Muy Thai: Boxing Gloves, Schin pads, mouth guard. All items are for sale at USMMA
  • Jiu Jitsu: Cups and Mouth guards are suggested but not required. We sell mouth guards too.
  • Yoga: A mat for hot yoga and a towel. Both items are for rent and sale at USMMA

Bring a water bottle to ALLl classes and arrive hydrated. Refills are free from our USMMA “fountain of youth”

Definitely! Both Yoga and Martial Arts are high energy causing you to burn lots of calories. Luckily, it doesn't feel like exercise because you're having so much fun!

Absolutely not. We are here to help you get in the best shape of your life regardless of your starting point?

See the approximate calories burned below.

  • Thai Boxing = up to 1100 calories a session
  • Jiu Jitsu = up to 1100 calories a session
  • Strength & conditioning = up to 800 calories a session
  • Power Yoga = up to 750 calories a session (Spending 90 min on a stair climber burns approx 675 calories)

From both martial arts and yoga practice you quickly will find an increase in your energy levels, more full body strength, a loss of weight, and a newfound confidence.

You can attend once or twice or unlimited numbers of classes depending on your training needs and your current schedule.

No, you can attend any class, any week for both Yoga and Martial Arts!

Yes, in 1/2 or 1 hour increments at your convenience and depending on your instructor's availabilities.

When you sign up online using our USMMA app in the App Store. When you make any purchase. When you bring a friend (make sure you let us know!) and when you give us reviews. You want rewards points because they are like USMMA dollars to spend as you like in studio!!

Although martial arts is a contact sport, injury is rare. According to statistics, martial arts training is safer than other contact sports, such as football, etc.

Our tots program is for children between 3-5 and our children’s program is designed for children ages 6-12 in a fun, safe, encouraging and disciplined atmosphere.

Yes! First, we give children the self confidence they need in order to not BE a bully.

Yes! Most movements can be modified to accommodate anyone. Not only can you do yoga, yoga has been shown to help aid in the healing of injuries.

Generally, depending on how frequently you train and the age at which you start, you may earn a black belt in anywhere from 5-10 years.

Absolutely! Martial arts training is one of the best activities to promote focus, respect, courtesy, self-control & self-confidence.

This depends on the commitment you have to training and how quickly you are learning the material.

Almost all of our members are not fighters. In fact, about 97% of our members are there to get in shape and have fun with their workouts! Additionally, the fighters that attend class are there as teaching aids, able to help with questions and give friendly advice where needed!

Don’t let the heat scare you. Many people have shied away from and prolonged the benefits of hot yoga because working out in a “hot” room sounds crazy! Hundreds of thousands of people do it. You can too. Heat helps to soften the muscles and rinse and release toxins and can actually feel comforting. Heat has also been known to feel GOOD in menopausal women. You don’t know till you know so just TRY IT!

Please check the class description for temperatures but remember that heat can vary based on outside temperatures and the number of bodies in the room. Our classes range from non heated (75 degree base) to an average heat of 92 degrees.

This means you consume half your body weight in ounces of pure water fairly regularly. Guzzling water before a class doesn’t cut it. Dehydration in any workout can cause dizziness, nausea and headaches. We sell Vita Coco as a solid form of rehydration as it contains plenty of potassium and electrolytes. Try it!

No, As a beginner, you can take any class as long as you are patient and listen to your body.

  • IN YOGA: Arrive hydrated, give yourself permission to not know what you are doing for a few classes, pause often, watch, listen, ask questions after class and just breathe.
  • In MMA; Arrive hydrated. Our philosophy is to go at your partners pace and we learn from each other. Be ok with not knowing what you are doing for a bit.

Yes, we have two showers. Towels are available to rent for $2.00